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Anti-Bullying Acrostic Poem

A bully is always friendless,
Never be in a bullying gang,
Telling is what you must do,
If you are a bully don’t be proud.

Bullying is very wrong,
Understand bullying hurts others,
Let a teacher always know when you have been bullied,
Let your friends cheer you up.
You must always TELL,
If you are a bully you are not welcome,
Never even think of being a bully,
Good people always have friends!

~ by lara on November 18, 2011 . Tagged: , ,

9 Responses to “Anti-Bullying Acrostic Poem”

  1.   izzy Says:

    Wow! lara that poem is so cool,i’ll make sure that I won’t bully because leverhouse is a really groovy school!:)

  2.   hannahl Says:

    Wow Lara, your poem sounds wonderful.

  3.   Brooke Says:

    I like the rhyme. I hope no one will be bullying at your school anymore

  4.   Leah Hodson Says:

    Wow !!!!! I really like the aunti. Bulling rhyme it will really encourage people to not be a bully.Are. You good at writing rhymes ? Could you right us a rhym about autumn………PLease could you comment on our website at athersleysouthprimary.co.uk :).

  5.   Leah Hodson Says:

    your website is amazing!
    If you want you can comment on our website. Our website is http://www.athersleysouthprimary.co.uk

    But I think you should go on our website. Xxx

    Hope to see you on the website

    From Holly barmby x

  6.   nicole&hannahl Says:

    Wow Lara that poem is brilliant, your right bullies don’t belong in this school and they shouldn’t have any friends at all.

  7.   hannahb Says:

    Nice poem Lara and you are right you must always tell if you are being bullied.Well done.

  8.   Lara Says:

    Thak you everyone. Hope you all enjoyed my poem. I’m sure you would find it easy to write a poem like this and thank you agsin for all the good things you’ve said.

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